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BN 4256

BN 4256 was built in August 1965 by Alco as the SP&S 316, part of an eight unit order built that year numbered 310-317.

After the March 1970 BN merger the SP&S 316 became BN 4256 and remained assigned to Vancouver, WA on the ex-SP&S.

I first saw the 4256 at 8-31-70 at Auburn, WA on a northbound with BN 806/851/735/1806/4256 (F9A/F9B/F7B/GP9/C425) headed for Seattle. All 5 locomotives were in their pre-merger colors.

The 4256 was painted BN green sometime after 1972.

On 9-12-78 while at Interbay north of Seattle I roster shot the 4256. A bit dirty the C425 still looked pretty good.

I photographed the 4256 five months later on 2-14-79, again at Interbay.

The 4256 was stored at Portland, OR in April of 1980 and was retired four months later 8/80. Kyle picked up the 4256 in February of 1982 and it went to Kansas. It kept the BN green paint but with Kyle markings.

In August of 1988 the 4256 was sold for scrap to St Louis Auto Shredding.