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11 July 2014 - The Day 1 Thompson Falls to Clark Fork, ID (Part 2) entry has been posted.

09 July 2014 - The MRL Passenger train in the Yakima Canyon entry has been posted.

08 July 2014 - The Depot in Paradise entry has been posted.

07 July 2014 - The MRL Passenger train over Stampede entry has been posted.

28 June 2014 - The Day 1 Hope to Noxon 5-25-14 (Part 1) entry has been posted.

08 June 2014 - The Headed for the MRL via the Lakeside Sub entry has been posted.

02 June 2014 - The A stop at Sunnyside, WA entry has been posted.

18 May 2014 - The Burlington Northern Tribute website has been updated.

10 May 2014 - The Burlington Northern Tribute website has been updated.

10 May 2014 - Happy National Train Day to everyone!

06 May 2014 - The Seneca Spur 4-13-14 entry has been posted.

26 April 2014 - The Toppenish, WA on April 13, 2014 entry has been posted.

22 April 2014 - The BN caboose 11396 (ex-NP 1050) entry has been posted.

08 April 2014 - The BNSF 4505 East Cabin Creek to MP 13 entry has been posted.

07 April 2014 - The Variety in the Seattle area entry has been posted.

04 March 2014 - The NP caboose 1318 in Sioux City, IA entry has been posted.

01 March 2014 - The BN Tribute website has been redone.

28 February 2014 - The Quick Check PNWR Blog website has been updated.

26 February 2014 - New website dedicated to Washington State has been posted.

25 February 2014 - The Searching for the NP in Iowa entry has been posted.

23 February 2014 - The Winter comes to the Stampede Sub entry has been posted.

12 January 2014 - The Checking off the Mileposts entry has been posted.

31 December 2013 - The Miles City, MT ex-NP depot entry has been posted.

30 December 2013 - The Variety at South Seattle entry has been posted.

16 December 2013 - The Monday is a good MRL day entry has been posted.

08 December 2013 - The Wet day on the MRL 12-1-13 entry has been posted.

Older "What's New" posts have been placed in the PNWR Archive.

USA Railfanning

Arizona - Coconino is the name of the largest county in Arizona. With its 18,661 square miles it is larger than each of the nine smallest states. Coconino County contains the Grand Canyon National Park and the county seat is located at Flagstaff, AZ. The name Coconino comes from Havasupi word for "little water"...more...

Nevada - Earlier this year I was looking over some maps to see what western states I had not photographed any trains. I could see only one, Nevada. I had been to all the other western states and photographed trains there but Nevada was the one state...more...

Oregon - When I think of railroading in Oregon images of SP trains going through the Siskiyous from Eugene to Black Butte is the first thing to pop into my mind. I was lucky enough to railfan the northern part of the Siskiyous when it was still the Southern Pacific in 1991...more...

Washington - Washington state is situated in the Northwest corner of the country. It is bordered by Oregon to the south, British Columbia, Canada to the north and Idaho to the east. The west coast of Washington is ...more...

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Special Tributes

The Burlington Northern always had a large following. It was a large railroad! Living near Seattle, WA I was lucky enough to see it's early beginnings on March 3, 1970...more...

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Here in the PNWR Blogs Section you'll be able to read and enjoy all of the brilliant prose and phenomenal photography of Brian Ambrose as he documents his journeys among several of the most prominent rail areas of the Pacific North West.

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    NP Perspectives

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Railfanning BNSF's Northern Lines

This is one of PNWR's on-going web projects. Although only the Scenic Sub and Scenic Subs are currently finished, the site will go on to encompass all of the Pacific North West including Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

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