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BN 4250

BN 4250 was built in June 1965 by Alco as the SP&S 310, first of an eight unit order of C425's built that year numbered 310-317.

After the BN merger the SP&S 310 was renumbered to BN 4250 and assigned to Vancouver, WA.

I never photographed the BN 4250 and there are very few photos of the 4250 on the internet however I purchased a slide of it on eBay.

Al Chione photo
Brian Ambrose collection

The BN 4250 was never repainted BN green as it was wrecked near Paxton, OR 5-14-72 and scrapped. Some photos and info on the collision can be found in this Trainorders post. Photos will be thumbnails unless you are a member of Trainorders:,2219217