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BN 4367

BN 4367 was built by Alco as the SP&S 341 in November of 1968.

It was one of the last four C636's SP&S purchased of which there were ten total.

After the March 1970 BN merger the SP&S 341 was renumbered to BN 4367 and all ten ex-SP&S C636's were assigned to Vancouver, WA.

Seems I never photographed the 4367 in action but at least other photographers did. Here are some images from rrpicturearchives.

And here is a photo of the 4367 in SP&S colors from 1973 on trainpix.

And one other photo of it in BN green from trainpix:

My one photo of the BN 4367 was taken after it was retired by the BN in June of 1980. Here it sits in the tall grass at Tacoma, WA 7-7-80 with sister C636 4363 waiting to be scrapped. The wait will not be long.