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BN 5600

NP 2500 was the class unit, the first of 15 GE U25C's delivered in June-July of 1964 numbered 2500-2514. They went right into the transcontinental pool after delivery. This photo of the NP 2500 at Livingston, MT 8-9-65 comes from the Kevin Piper collection.

Photo by Kevin Piper

I personally saw the NP 2500 twice on NP freights in 1969.

08-16-69 3614/2500/7009C/7014D (SD45/U25C/F9B/F9A) XWest arrive at Auburn, WA
09-01-69 2512/3614/2500/7005B (U25C/SD45/U25C/F9B) #640 by Easton, WA

After the March 1970 BN merger the NP 2500 was renumbered BN 5600 and assigned to the Twin Cities Region.

Oddly, there were only two ex-NP U25C's I never saw after the merger, the 5600 and 5612, and they were both on the eastbound #640 I saw at Easton back in 1969 as the NP 2500 and 2512.

I have purchased two slides of the BN 5600. First is the 5600 at Minneapolis, MN 8-29-78:

J Harlin Wilson photo
Brian Ambrose collection

And here is the 5600 at Auburn, WA 6-24-79:

J M Sidel photo
Brian Ambrose collection

The BN 5600 was retired January 1981 and sold for scrap.