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BN 1894

BN GP9 1894 was built as the NP 277.

Northern Pacific received GP9's 275-284 in July of 1956. Of these the 275-279 were delivered without dynamic brakes and assigned to the Fargo Division. By 1969 only the 277-278 from this order were still assigned to freight service on the Fargo Division.

After the March 1970 merger the NP 277 was renumbered BN 1894 and assigned to Mandan, ND. By 1973 it was reassigned to Lincoln, NE. I never saw or photographed the BN 1894 but others did.

From Castle Graphic's is this photo of the 1894 at St Joseph, MO 6-21-79. Note the NP original paint is showing through.

And this photo from Charles Biel's BN Photo Archive shows the 1894 at Lincoln, NE February 1981 and it has been repainted.

Also of note, this GP9 never got the NP simplified scheme and went to the BN merger in the original NP paint scheme.

BN retired the BN 1894 in July 1983 and it was purchased by the Iowa Northern along with sister GP9 1856, both still in BN green. This photo from 9-9-89 shows both GP9's at Cedar Rapids, IA.

The disposition of the 1894 can be summed up with this Railpictures photo at Waterloo, IA 9-7-92 by Bob Eisthen.

Probably safe to say the 1894 was retired and scrapped.