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BN 1994

BN GP18 1994 was built as the NP 380 in June of 1960. It was one of nine GP18's NP purchased numbered 376-384. These 1800 HP GP18's built by EMD were assigned to the Rocky Mountain Division based out of Livingston, MT, Around 1967 the 380 was equipped with radio control for mid-train helper service. U25C 2523 had equipment installed to control the GP18 back in the train.

On 9-18-68 I saw the 380 at Auburn, WA in a consist of 2523/2512/2520/380 (U25C/U25C/U25C/GP18) showing that the 2523 and 380 were still together in remote service. That equipment was later removed from the 380 and installed in a converted F7B before the BN merger.

After the March 1970 BN merger the NP 380 was renumbered to BN 1994 and remained assigned to Livingston, MT.

I first saw the BN 1994 on 7-4-82 while driving through Helena, MT and photographed it there as well.

BN retired the 1994 in June of 1985 and it was sold to the Kentucky-West Tennessee Railway and became KWT 303:

The 303 from the photo has had the high short hood chopped.

And here is video from YouTube showing the KWT 303 in service back in 2008:

There is no current info available on the KWT 303/ex-BN 1994 after 2008.