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BN 5630

BN U25C 5630 was built 8/65 by GE for the Burlington Route and delivered in Chinese red paint. It was the first of twelve 2500 HP U25C's built in 1965 for the CB&Q numbered 550-561.

Here is a photo of the CB&Q 550 found on rrpicturearchives.

In checking my notes I never did see the CB&Q 550.

After the 1970 BN merger the CB&Q 550 was renumbered BN 5630.

I found a photo of the BN 5630 in CB&Q paint at Auburn, WA still wearing CB&Q paint.

The 1972 BN Annual shows it assigned to Lincoln, NE. It was later assigned to the Minneapolis area.

First time I saw the 5630 was 4-8-78 at Interbay, WA where I also photographed it, in BN green. Note the headlights are all still intact. At this time the 5630 was being used in general freight service along with the other U-boats.

The 5630 was retired by the BN 8-80, then to Naporano 9-80 and scrapped.