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BN 6465

In January of 1969 EMD built fifteen SD45's for the Burlington numbered 516-530..The 524 was one of these and delivered in the experimental green/white scheme. Here is a photo from rrpicturearchives of the CB&Q 524 at Denver taken in June 1970 shortly after the BN merger.

The CB&Q 524 was soon renumbered to BN 6465 and was noted as being assigned to Havre, MT for maintenance shortly after the merger.

I first saw the BN 6465 on a trip to Spokane, WA 8-4-71 on an eastbound BN freight led by 6477/6465/6632 (SD45/SD45/F45) and noted the 6465 as being in CB&Q colors.

I took a photo of the BN 6465 at Interbay, WA 8-1-74 after arriving on train #179 with units 6465/6482. This rear end roster taken with my old Instamatic camera shows the 6465 still in CB&Q paint.

Between then and 1977 the 6465 received BN green paint. My next photo of the 6465 shows the SD45 leading a passenger train at a time Amtrak was having issues with their SDP40F's. On 1-27-77 train #13 is leaving Seattle for Auburn (becomes train #8 out of Auburn) and a trip over Stampede Pass with units BN 6465/AMTK 573 (SD45/SDP40F) Note BN Heater Car 18 behind the power. Also note the upper mars light is on.

On 6-1-78 I roster shot the 6465 at Interbay.

Note the three high mounted brake cylinders on each truck. Made the ex-CB&Q SD45's more distinctive than the other BN SD45's.

Next the 6465 is shown leaving Auburn, WA for Stampede Pass 3-25-80 on train #176. The upper headlight has been removed and plated over plus a warning beacon has been added to the cab roof.

Here the 6465 leads train LAS with units 6465/6470/7927 into Seattle's Stacy St yard 3-11-82.

Both the 6465 and 6470 are from the CB&Q's 15 unit SD45 order.

The 6465 led train #137 out of Seattle 2-7-84 with SD45's 6465/6428/6442 (SD45's from the CB&Q, NP and GN!)

The 6465 has been repainted plus has had the trucks changed out, no more high brake cylinders.

This may have also been one of the 6465's last runs as roster tables I have seen show the 6465 retired in February 1984, the same month I photographed it leading train #137!

After being retired the 6465 was sold to the CNW in July 1984 becoming the CNW 6584. Here is a photo of it from rrpicturearchives in 1990 wearing CNW paint and the nose light still intact.

It stayed on the CNW roster until merged into the Union Pacific in 1995 when the 6584 was retired by the UP in May of 1996. There is no disposition of the SD45 after that.