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BN 3039

BN 3039 was the last GP40 built for the CB&Q as the 639 in February of 1968. It was also the last of a group numbered 620-639 all delivered in Chinese Red.

Here is one photo of a brand new Q 639 taken at Denver, CO in April of 1968

Photographer unknown
Kevin Piper collection

After the BN merger the Q 639 was renumbered to BN 3039, again the last GP40 in the series 3000-3039 and assigned to the Chicago Region at Clyde.

I never saw the 3039 but I did find one good photo of it from 1981:

The BN 3039 never made it to the BN rebuilding program as most of the other CB&Q GP40's did but was retired in April of 1984 and scrapped in August of that same year. No mention of being involved in a wreck so it may have been retired for some other reason.