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BN 3015

BN 3015 was built as CB&Q GP40 185 in December of 1966.

It was one of twenty 3000 HP EMD GP40's numbered 170-189, built in 1966 for the Burlington Route.

I found one photo of the CB&Q 185 on rrpicturearchives:

After the March 1970 BN merger the CB&Q 185 was renumbered BN 3015 and assigned to the Chicago area. I first saw the BN 3015 on 9-20-70 at Interbay in a power set of 6613/CBQ 961/3015/671 (F45/GP30/GP40/F7B). The 3015 was still in CB&Q Chinese Red.

While I never photographed the BN 3015 there is a good roster shot of it on rrpicturearchives:

BN 3015 was retired 12/88 and sent to MK for rebuilding with a number of other BN GP40's and was released as BN GP40M 3510 in June 1989 sporting the new whiteface scheme. It was noted as being assigned to Lincoln, NE in 1992.

I photographed the BN 3510 leading a southbound freight at Stewart, WA between Seattle and Tacoma, WA on 8-4-95.

Next came the 1996 BNSF merger and the 3510 was renumbered as BNSF 3009 in January of 2000.

I photographed the BNSF 3009 13 years later at South Seattle on 8-30-13, and still in the BN whiteface scheme.

As of this writing in 2015 the 3009 is still in ex-BN green and in the Northwest.