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BN 3006

BN 3006 was built as CB&Q GP40 176 in December of 1966. It was one of twenty 3000 HP EMD GP40's numbered 170-189, all built in 1966 for the Burlington Route who later ordered 20 more GP40's in 1968.

While I never saw the CB&Q 176, Hol Wagner did and was kind enough to share a couple of his photos taken around Denver in 1969 for use in this update. Thanks Hol!

Both photos by Hol Wagner
Used with Permission

After the 1970 BN merger the CB&Q 176 became the BN 3006. In Hol Wagners 1973 BN Annual it is noted that all the GP40's were assigned to Clyde in the Chicago Region. The 3000-3039 were still assigned to Chicago into the mid-1970's and probably beyond.

First time I saw the 3006 was on 10-30-78 when it came into Seattle on train #43 led by the 3006/3022/6249 (2 GP40/SD24).

And the first time I photographed the 3006 was 11-1-78 at Tacoma , WA on train 2-148 with units 3006/3022.

Ten years later BN had a number of their GP40's rebuilt, including the 3006 which emerged as GP40M 3500 in October of 1988. (The M stands for MK where it was rebuilt).

Here is the 3500 on an eastbound BN freight at Avon, MT on the MRL 9-17-93.

The 3500 even took part in the rebuilding of the Stampede Pass line seen here on a work train arriving at Yakima, WA 8-13-96 after a day of working around Thrall, WA.

After the BNSF merger the 3500 was renumbered to BNSF 3000. It was not until September of 2010 that I first photographed the 3000 at Everett, WA on 9-23-10. Note the Remote Control stickers. BNSF now considers it a GP40-2.

I photographed it one more time in Everett on 9-29-10 on a much nicer day.

Even though that was the last time I saw or photographed the 3000 it still remains at Everett, WA in 2015 working an RCL yard job.