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BN 3003

BN 3003 was one of twenty 3000 HP EMD GP40's numbered 170-189, all built in 1966 for the Burlington Route. The 3003 was built as CB&Q GP40 173 in December of 1966.

After the March 1970 BN merger the CBQ 173 was renumbered BN 3003 and assigned to Clyde, IL on BN's Chicago Region.

The 3003 was a handful of BN GP40's I never saw or photographed but there are some pics of it to be found by others. Here is a photo of the BN 3003 on flickr from 1981:

And another of the BN 3003 on from 1985:

BN retired the 3003 in August of 1986 and it was sold to NRE who rebuilt it to GP40-2 standards and sold it to Florida East Coast as the GP40-2 435. It was one of three ex-CB&Q GP40's that went to the FEC.

Some good photos of the FEC are on rrpicturearchives.

This photo is from 1994:

Here is is in 2009 and repainted:

And from 2016, yet another paint scheme:

So the BN 3003 is still in active service working in Florida as the FEC 435.