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BN 2540

BN 2540 was built as CB&Q 994 in September of 1964. I have found just one photo of the CB&Q 994 and it is on

After the March 1970 BN merger the CB&Q 994 was renumbered BN 2540 and was reassigned to Vancouver, WA as were all the ex-CB&Q GP35's in the 2530-2545 class.

I first saw the BN 2540 on 2-6-71 at Interbay yard in a set of three GP35's, the 2543/2540/2515, all in pre-merger colors. Sometime after that the 2540 was painted BN green.

While up at Interbay late one night in 1974 I got to hostle the BN 2540 through the wash racks. The set of power was pretty nice too, 2540/4367/1774/4256/6633/6377/6458 (GP35/C636/GP9/C425/F45/SD40-2/SD45).

On 9-19-74 I took a rather poor quality photo with my 126 instamatic camera of the BN 2540 from the rear end at Auburn, WA passing by on train #139.

I was able to get a better quality photo with my 35mm camera on 6-18-80 at Interbay, WA.

And this view from 8-2-87 shows the other side of the BN 2540 at South Seattle, WA.

I took one last photo of the BN 2540 on 2-18-89 leading train #9 out of Seattle for Tacoma with units 2540/2263/EMD 9095/6356/7088 (GP35/GP38-2/SD60?SD40-2/SD40-2).

The 2540 entered a rebuild program soon after and in June of 1990 returned to the BN from EMD as GP39E 2904 in BN's new Whitefaced scheme. I never photographed the BN 2904 but there are photos of it here on

The BN 2904 became BNSF 2904 on 3-23-04 after the BNSF 1996 merger. Again, a number of photos on rrpicturearchives, all the last ones around Kansas City and it apparently still wears BN green paint:

Nice to know that GP35 2540 is still in service today as BNSF GP395E #2904.