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BN 2251

BN 2251 was built as CB&Q GP30 974 in June of 1963.

The EMD produced 2250 HP and was one of eight GP30's built for CB&Q numbered 970 to 977 during 1963. has a few images of CB&Q GP30 974 that can be found here showing it in as delivered Chinese Red:

After the March 1970 BN Merger the CB&Q 974 was renumbered to BN 2251. In 1972 the 2233 to 2254 series of ex-CB&Q GP30's were assigned to the Omaha Region at Lincoln, NE. It was on a trip to the Midwest where I saw the BN 2251 and it was at Lincoln, NE on 7-2-82, but no photos.

But here is a photo of the BN 2251 found on the BN Photo Archive website at Ft Worth, TX in 1988:

A year later in 1989 the 2251 entered BN's rebuild program and was sent to MK emerging 10-89 as GP39M 2824, wearing the new whiteface scheme. Apparently the 2824 was involved in some kind of collision before 1991 and when repaired received a smaller BN herald on the nose. It appears to be the "BN" normally found on the cab sides. I photographed the BN 2824 in Seattle on 4-30-91 and the smaller herald can be seen.

After the 1996 BNSF merger the 2824 continued to sport BN markings and was still lettered BN when I photographed it leading a southbound at Auburn, WA 6-7-98.

In May 2001 the 2824 received BNSF markings but kept the BN green paint. Photographed at Interbay, WA 4-25-06, now Remote Control Equipped and looking a little ragged, especially the front of the nose.

And one last photo of the 2824 at South Seattle, WA on 8-18-12. has a recent photo of the BNSF 2824 after recent shopping at Topeka. Note the silver trucks, probably off an ex-ATSF unit:,3706431

And from the Midwest Railroad Photography Facebook page:

Photos show the 2824 with a lot of rust, a GP35 style front door as well as the headlights fixed into the nose. But in a month or so it should reappear in fresh orange and black paint as it is currently at Relco for painting. As was mentioned on Trainorders, at least it will still look like a GP30. More or less anyway.