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BN 9694

BN SD70MAC 9694 was built 11/95. It was one of 141 SD70MAC's built in a single order numbered 9572 to 9712 in 1995. Like the other SD70MAC's, the 9694 was primarily used in coal train service. Here are some photos of the BN 9694 from rrpicturearchives:

BN 9694 was renumbered to BNSF 9694 quite a few years after the Dec 1996 BNSF merger on 10-24-07.

On 5-26-15 I photographed the BNSF 9694 at South Seattle, WA.

On this date the 9694 was not pulling coal but intermodal. One of the more interesting photos of the BNSF 9694 I found was pulling an Amtrak train in 2014. This is from rrpicturearchives:

As of 2016 I have no info on where the 9694 is currently. My guess in probably stored somewhere on the BNSF due to the downturn in traffic.