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BN 6572

BN SD45 6572 was built as the C&S 870 in October 1971.

C&S 868-874 were all delivered in 1971 painted in BN green but sublettered for C&S (Colorado and Southern) I photographed the C&S 870 at Skykomish, WA on 5-31-79.

In August of 1979 the C&S 870 was renumbered to C&S 6572

On 10-5-80 I photographed the 6572 at Winton, WA.

This SD45 seemed to have an identity crisis with the 6572 sort of laid over the 870.

The C&S 6572 became the BN 6572 in January of 1982.

BN rosters show the 6572 was retired 4/87 which is interesting since the Gulf and Mississippi reportedly picked it up 12/86. It was on the G&M for just a year going to the Wisconsin Central 6572 12/87, still in ex-BN green. Here are a few photos showing the 6572 on the WC. The first from 1990 and the second from 1992.

Note that the overlapping numbers on the long hood still remain!

Later the 6572 was renumbered WC 6561 and finally got WC paint, though the 1983 date of the photo is apparently wrong.

Reportedly the 6561 was once again renumbered, this time to WC 6533 with plans to rebuilt and renumber to 7533 but was instead retired by CN in January of 2003 and scrapped 12/03.