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BN 8018

BN SD40-2 8018 was built in March of 1978. It was part of a group of 40 new SD40-2's numbered 7029-7048 and 8010-8029 all delivered in early 1978. The 8000's were intended for general freight service.

I first saw the 8018 at Interbay, WA 2-20-79 in a lashup of 8018/3023/6402. (SD40-2/GP40/SD45)

I then photographed the 8018 a month later on 3-19-79 when train #43 came into Seattle with units 8018/CNW 6890

On 9-7-97 I photographed the 8018 again leading the westbound BNSF PASTAC into Palmer Jct, WA on the ex-NP Stampede pass line. Here units BN 8018/LRCX 8117/LRCX 8112/BN 5558 (SD40-2/C30-7/C30-7/C30-7) head up the general merchandise freight.

The BN 8018 eventually became the BNSF 8018 and received a repaint of orange and green as well.

In 2005 the BNSF 8018 was involved in a collision sustaining some damage as seen here at Kansas City, MO 5-27-05.

It was repaired by October of 2005 as seen here at Mid America Car in Kansas City.

By January of 2009 the BNSF 8018 was laid up in storage at Northtown Yard in Minneapolis, MT.

In April of 2009 the BNSF 8018 was back out running again and by July of 2012 the BNSF 8018 had been renumbered to BNSF 1669 and continues to work in the Minnepolis area.