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BN 5550

BN #5550 was a 3000 HP GE C30-7 built 10/78 for the booming coal business. I managed to miss it on numerous trips to the coal fields but did finally see it at Auburn, WA on 5-5-96 on a general merchandise train. By this time it was wearing a variation of BN's Whitefaced scheme with a BN emblem on the nose but no white cab front. While I did photograph it, my photo is not nearly as good as this photo taken by Jim Matuska at La Crosse, WI and used with permission here. No date is given but I am guessing early 1996.

The 5550 was retired by BNSF in 2002 never being relettered. It was rebuilt as ALL 7608 (America Latina Logistica) and is now working in Brazil along with numerous other ex-BN C30-7's.

This is the last known info on BN C30-7 5550.