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BN 5099

BN 5099 was built by GE in May of 1980. The 5099 came from an order of 36 C30-7's numbered 5076-5111, all delivered in March-May 1980. The C30-7's were assigned to Alliance, NE for use of the growing coal traffic.

In January of 1992 the 5099 was rebuilt to a C33-7 (from 3000 HP to 3300 HP) with red numberboards designating it as an upgraded unit.

I photographed the BN 5099 at Easton, WA on an eastbound coal empty 5-31-98, well into the BNSF era and just a few years after the reopening on the ex-NP Stampede Pass route. Note the red numberboards.

The 5099 was retired in January of 2001 and was soon picked up with a number of other ex-BN C30-7's and sent off to Brazil where it is currently the ALL 9264 (America Latina Logistics). It was never fully repainted from BN green but it did get a red nose. Some of the better photos from rrpicturearchives show the ex-BN 5099 in service.

This is from 2012:

Also from 2012:

It looks as if the C30-7 received some nose damage and was repaired with red touch up paint instead of green.