Welcome to Day 4.


Sunday morning started as another bright sunny day at Williams, AZ. And I awoke with a very large and painful heat blister on the bottom of my right foot. It made walking very difficult. But it wasn't going to stop me from train chasing today. I really only had one goal for the day. Photograph the Grand Canyon train at the grade crossing north of Williams. I was out there at 09:30 waiting. I figured it would show close to 09:45 and soon heard it blowing its horn to the south. The train with the 237/239 up front went by right on time and I watched the Coconino approach and after one last photo and a wave I watched the train fade into the distance as it charged up a rise on its way to the Grand Canyon.

I then went back to the motel to pick up my sister and we checked out and were soon heading back towards Phoenix arriving in plenty of time for our flight home. The flight was uneventful but it was good to be back home to a much more favorable climate. My foot healed after a few days but I came away with knowing I'd had a wonderful trip to Arizona. I would have called this trip a success even if I'd only gotten one good photo of the Coconino. But for an NP fan like myself, getting the chance to ride in the front dome seat of former NP dome 554 was more than I could have wished for.