As I write this on Tuesday, November 25, 2003, it has been confirmed that BC Rail in the province of British Columbia, Canada, has been sold to the Canadian National. It has been 13 years since I last photographed a BC Rail train but I do feel a bit of sadness with the news of another fallen flag. I spent many weekends in the 1980's photographing this railroad with my friend Robert Gatchel when the MLW's and SD40-2's were the main power on the south end between Vancouver and Prince George. I think the scenery along the BC Rail was some of the best anywhere. When Robert came up with the suggestion of doing a tribute to the BCR after learning of the impending sale, I agreed and invited him to share some of his images as well.

      Page one and two are random photos of Robert's with the first page being locations along the more forested Squamish Sub between Northern Vancouver and Darcy. His page 2 shows photos between Seton Lake and Williams Lake on the Lillooet Sub.

      Page 3 shows some of my photos from an Autumn trip I took to the Lillooet Sub area in November of 1989.

      Page 4 are photos from the Squamish Sub on my last trip to the BC Rail in April of 1990.

      Once the MLW's left the railroad in 1990 the BCR lost a little "something" that made it such a special railroad to me. While I really do not regret missing the "more modern" BC Rail in the years that followed it is the old MLW locomotives I will remember with fondness. This was a really classy railroad.

      And now on to the Gallery....

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