Welcome to PNWR's Washington Travelog - BNSF Kodachrome C30-7!


While checking out the BNSF Interbay report this morning on the net found the BNSF 5185 (C30-7) was to arrive on the H-PASBRV this afternoon, 08 April 2001. Knowing it usually had BN 500000 series cars in its train I did a trace and found it at Byron. (west of Pasco) I decided to wait till it left Easton and would head up to Kanaskat to shoot it.

Checking on its progress every so often it was finally out of Easton at 13:51. I gave Robert Gatchel a call and told him about it so he decided to come over and join me. We left when he arrived and got to Kanaskat about 15 min. before the train did! The sun was filtered but we did get off a shot of BNSF 7005/6739/LMX 8590/BNSF 5185/2115/2876 as they went under the overpass at 1600. The C30-7 was of course in the Kodachrome scheme and the other 4 BNSF all in H1. The train had 94 cars. Then we then headed west to Auburn for another shot of it arriving.

This time the sun was in and out of the clouds but it cleared as the train approached for a good shot. Too bad the C30-7 was facing backwards as the front of it was backlit.

Then it was on to Argo where we got one last shot of it at 1710. Again cloudy till the train arrived in the frame. Then sunshine. Which probably means all my meter readings are all messed up! But three shots was not bad and sunshine on all of them considering it was mostly cloudy for the most part today. This computer sure does come in handy sometimes! Without it I would not have seen this train, that's for sure.