As we did in the April 2003 "Providence Hill" report Robert Gatchel and I made a Springtime trip out to the BNSF's ex-NP Lakeside Sub line and Providence Hill area between Pasco and Spokane, WA on Saturday May 13, 2006. Things were just as green as they were three years ago but this time we covered more ground and saw quite a few more trains. Power was also just as interesting.

      We left Seattle around 0600 and arrived at Hatton around 0930. The weather was just great. Mostly sunny and around 75 degrees by afternoon. The trains started running as soon as we arrived. Here is a listing of the trains we photographed:

01)  EB Grain empty   BNSF 736/4500/7774                  Hatton      0935
02)  WB Grain load    BNSF 7320/FURX 7279/BNSF 6831/6327  Hatton      0947
03)  EB PASDIL        FURX 7248/BNSF 6384/NREX 9300       Connell     1005
04)  EB Grain empty   BNSF 5138/943/4019                  Connell     1017
05)  NB CBRW Local    CBRW 2274/CBRW 2294                 Connell     1038
06)  EB Connell Turn  BNSF 2266/2276                      Connell     1040
07)  WB V Train       FURX 8092/BNSF 8080                 Connell     1101
08)  WB Z-CHCPTL      BNSF 7696/1018/NS 9605              Beatrice    1249
09)  WB Merchandise   BNSF 5473/NREX 5450                 Beatrice    1301
10)  EB Z-PTLCHC      CSX 5316/BNSF 910/9282              Beatrice    1306
11)  WB Merchandise   BNSF 6761/6310/7508/MRL 390         Beatrice    1512
12)  EB H-PASCWY      BNSF 855/7751/4939/8613             Cunningham  1525
13)  WB Merchandise   BNSF 4451/575/7883                  Sands       1632
14)  EB Grain empty   BNSF 4045/5133                      Hatton      1722
15)  WB Grain load    BNSF 5209/EMD 9077/NS 9155          Sands       1827
      In addition we missed a number of other trains. Highlights of the day included the BNSF 6327, an ex-GN SDP40 and the daylight run of the Columbia Basin Railway at Connell which interchanged cars with the BNSF Connell local. The westbound merchandise train with the BNSF SD45-2B and MRL F45 was also a great catch. One of my goals for the day was the shot from the Lind-Warden road looking down on Lind. We were lucky with a train going west at the right time of the day so I was quite pleased with that. I think that this was the first trip to Providence Hill ever that I did not photograph a train cresting the summit. There were too many other new locations it was time to check out as I have that shot numerous times already. After catching the BNSF 5209 down at Beatrice close to 7pm it was time for Robert and I to head back to Seattle. All in all this day was a great success.

      And now on to the Gallery....

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