September 2005 brought a couple of special moves to the Pacific Northwest. The Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus train passed thru Seattle where I caught it at 12:30pm heading to its showdates in Everett, WA. The northbound movement left Seattle 9-12-05 with BNSF 5296/9241/6821. After the last Sunday performance the train headed out of Everett early Monday morning 9-19-05 for it's next showdate in Sacramento, CA. I caught up to it at Tacoma, WA at 8:15am and followed it down towards Vancouver, WA. Power for this leg was UP 4766/5528/5076.

      The other train was the "Steve Lee Special" operated by UP with Challenger 3985. The train left Portland, OR on Thursday 9-22-05 headed back towards Cheyenne, WY. After a night at Hinkle it crossed Oregons Blue Mountains on Friday stopping at La Grande, OR for the night. Saturday morning the train assisted by UP 5882 left La Grande for Boise, ID with it's 9 cars. Despite a weather forcast of sunny skies, it was overcast the entire day. Riding with my friend Robert Gatchel, we followed it as far as Huntingdon, OR and managed to get some decent photos of the Special.

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