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BN 9707

BN SD70MAC 9707 was one of a 141 units built in a single order numbered 9572 to 9712 in 1995. The 9707 was built in December 1995 so was one of the last new units built for the BN before the BNSF merger and saw service pulling coal trains.

Here are some photos of the BN 9707 found on and

Sometime after the BNSF merger the BN 9707 was relettered for BNSF.

I photographed the BNSF 9707 at South Seattle, WA on 7-29-15 with this photo showing it next to another former BN locomotive, BNSF 3009. (an ex-CB&Q GP40)

And a roster shot of the 9707 also at South Seattle the same day.

Still looks pretty good for being 21 years old!